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Month: October 2015

Quantum Pharma (QP.) investment

Quantum Pharma results are coming in few days, CEO is proclaiming successful strategic acquisitions, so perhaps it is time to enter the position. Revenues of the company grew by stunning 61% over the last three years, company aims to vertically integrate, so perhaps it might continue strengthening its positions. The two serious worries are “falling knife” and huge irresponsible indebtedness. Do pluses weight over the minuses? Continue reading

Again buying Imimobile (IMO) after it acquires Archer Digital in South Africa

Imimobile just acquired South African company and is ambitious to grow strong. Perhaps it is time to buy, since the half year results are coming in December, director expressed confidence in the results, multiples are also attractive, progressive sector. All the indicators suggest it might be a good investment. Lets go for that!

Continue reading

Imimobile Is Sold With Profit

Imimobile surpassed the expectations and the defined target price. Annual results already published, summer is coming and it is time to relax and stay free from the invetments. Although annual results were better than predicted, there is no surprise element at the moment in the shares. It is time to sell and fix the profit. Continue reading

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