investorship justinas

Join a journey of Investorship to a Higher Net Worth. This is not a regular trip. This is a practical trip with hands-on approach and analysis of how to make investment intelligently. We start right Now, you are welcome to join now or later. Journey continues no matter what and you are welcome to come on board, exit and return.

You need to take with you just an investorship desire and initial investment, which could be as in this case £1000, but on the way you have to gain investment habits. What we do – start with as little as we have, and slowly, but non-linearly dive into opportunities, which lead to investorship decisions and subsequently a raise in our net worth, which preferably gets distributed to build sustainable environment around us.

Investorship was established in March 2015 by Justinas, who was 4 years financial analyst in investment bank in Vilnius, Lithuania, 2 years credit analyst at debt advisory company in Copenhagen, Denmark and now pursues his ideas in London. At the moment Justinas is busy with non-profit and non-government centre of learning through mobility, a non-profit and non-government centre of sustainable entrepreneurship, personal development and money management blog, personal investment blog and online design jewellery store

 Lets start investorship.

Mission: Every investor that seeks knowledge how to invest successfully should eventually find a way how to invest intelligently and earn minimum required rate of return.