Hello investors (or potential future investors). Hello myself as a child investor, who wants to grow and live from investments. Hello to the collaborative development between investors. Welcome on board! The Investorship is ready to start – it is my personal journey to which you are more than welcome to join, learn from it or add your insights. Everything is ready to go – initial capital of £1000, trader’s account at Bestinvest.co.uk, desire to invest and hopefully necessary habits to be successful. Lets start investing.

The principal goal is to invest in securities in order to Increase Net Worth and document the way along in this blog. I want to grow fast, but even more i want just to grow, thus i will take into account all risk measurements possible just to maximize the net worth.

Along the trip i will need to accumulate the knowledge of how to invest and achieve required rate of return, which is at the moment so high, i dont want even to think about it, but minimal rate of return probably could be as little as 5%. I know I need to set the benchmark, i will probably do it later. I have so many things to do.

Lets start investing. I am in a rush. Burning for the adventures, but mostly for the profound understanding how to invest and increase the net worth. Have already done it before, but unsuccessfully. So here will try to build and test systems in order to arrive to the successful strategy.

Lets start investing